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Amity Award - Optical/Black 13". Combining the sparkle of clear optic crystal with the warm elegance of black optic crystal makes for an engaging and impressive award of obvious high quality. In the Amity, the overlapping arms of the black optic V enclose a clear optic triangle.
$296.00 and up
Symmetry Award - Optical/Black 6" Diameter. Combining the sparkle of clear optic crystal with the warm elegance of black optic crystal makes for an engaging and impressive award of obvious high quality. In the Symmetry, black optic sides are fused to a clear optic center to produce a circle that embraces and highlights the enclosed artwork.
$210.00 and up
Corona award. The Corona features a vertically sloped clear optical crystal center, framed by oppositely sloped black optic sides to produce an eye-catching variant on the common rectangle award. The warm elegance of black optical crystal adds contrast and a formal richness. The piece is completed by a clear optic base. An award best suited to artwork that naturally conforms to the slope of the glass.
$174.00 and up
Dawkins Award - Optical. The Dawkins features deep, curved bevels on the back of a clear optical crystal upright, tapering toward the ends of the concave top. The highly polished curves and flaring bevels emphasize the flawless clarity and sparkle of optical crystal. The base is in matching clear optic crystal. Second position etch optional.
$148.00 and up
Harris Award - Optical/Black/Blue. The Harris features a flaring clear optical crystal upright with a deeply curved top bevel, full-length blue optic accent on one side, and a beveled black optic base. An award that takes full advantage of both color contrast and the sparkling clarity and reflectivity of optical crystal.
$110.00 and up
Deakin Award - Optical/Blue. The Deakin features a clear optical crystal upright with curved sides and angled top, a clear optic base and, for visual flair, a sweeping arc of blue optical crystal along the bottom and left margins.
$79.00 and up
Zodiac Award - Optical/Black 6" Diameter. The Zodiac features a sparkling optic crystal circle on a contrasting black optic base. The center of the circle is deeply recessed, producing a framed "window" for artwork presentation.
$179.00 and up
A sparkling optical crystal arrowhead with strikingly flared bevels, the Zenith is fused to a contrasting circular black optic crystal base. At 13" in height, this is a substantial and sophisticated award of high quality, particularly fitting for formal presentation ceremonies.
$189.00 and up
Crystal clear optical squares are fractaly arranged and then joined with a large center framed in emerald optic crystal to create this exceptional geometric recognition award.
$184.00 and up
Wolsey Award - Optical/Blue. The flaring optical crystal upright of the Wolsey features a waved top and, most impressively, polished and tapered filigree on both sides. A blue optic disk accent is positioned between the upright and the round optic base. A masterpiece of eye-catching, richly detailed design.
$115.00 and up
Apogee Award - Optical Black 11". The Apogee features asymmetric bevels on sparkling optical crystal. The slanted top parallels the equally slanted base in contrasting black optic crystal. This is a substantial and impressive award of obvious high quality, appropriate for formal presentation ceremonies. Second position etch and colorfill are optional.
$151.00 and up
Optical crystal tractor trailer award. Optical crystal is clear, colorless and extremely hard. Produced under very high pressure to eliminate flow lines and bubbles, it offers flawless refraction and a highly polished surface that sparkles with diamond-like brilliance when cut into facets. Its precise optic effects, developed for the scientific requirements of lens makers, also make it the finest engraveable surface for artistic impression.
$133.00 and up
London Award - Optical/Grey 7" Diameter. In the grey London, a prominent grey-black optical crystal ring encases a clear optic center, a dramatic and unambiguous focal point for artwork presentation. The optical base color is matched to the upright. An identical award in blue is also available.
$161.00 and up
President Award - Optical. The President is a squared freestanding column of pure optic crystal cut symmetrically with deep, tapered and highly polished bevels, top and bottom, front and back. The front central space serves as the etching area. This is a substantial, formal and impressive award deserving of its name.
$115.00 and up
Kilmore Award - Optical/Blue. The Kilmore features an arched clear optical crystal upright inlaid with a single contrasting optic blue mantel which replicates the shape of the rounded oblong base.
$133.00 and up
A visually appealing, versatile and substantial hockey award in a smaller size. The black optic crystal puck and base is ideal for tournament presentations, sponsor recognition, and milestone achievements. Second position etch and colorfill are optional.
$68.00 and up
Pollock Award - Optical/Black. In the Pollock, an optical rectangle curves dramatically near the top, reaching an apex on the left margin. The contoured bevel on the curve enhances the inherent sparkle and reflectivity of optical crystal while a contrasting black optic base adds a formal richness to the award.
$92.00 and up
Bevan Flame - Optical/Blue. The sinuous, almost playful, curves of clear optical crystal in the Bevan are replicated in the curves of the paired blue optic base pieces. The freeform quality of this award lends itself to more artistic events or informal ceremonies.
$82.00 and up
Braxton Optic Award, 3 x 6. The Braxton is a squared block of flawless optical crystal with a steeply sloped rectangular face for principal artwork decoration. A simple but impressive award of weight and sparkling clarity. Second and third position etch optional.
$151.00 and up
Globe on Cube-Optical award. The Globe on Cube award features an unattached spherical optical crystal globe (with frosted land masses) resting in the recessed top of an optic cube base. Due to tight curvature, etching areas on the globe are restricted in location and size.
$92.00 and up
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